Monday, May 10, 2010

Thread Sketching

WOW - all it took was a comment on my blog from the clever Bernice with a link to a tutorial by the clever Clutterpunk and I've got myself another hobby!!!!
Having just been taught free motion quilting by my sister - i am still not very good at it - and i use the same technique with the darning foot and hey presto - I am loving this!!!

I have thread sketched all these onto canvas and the two coloured ones I had painted a few weeks ago and was going to do some collages - I think the stitching looks good. I did have a go at stitching onto linen but it all puckered and looked crapped so I threw it away. The canvas doesn't pucker - I am sure I can just vacumn the tiny bits of paint out of the machine and I will buy more needles!!!  Thanks Bernice and Gina.


  1. They look fantastic! It hadn't occurred to me to do it on canvas - have to give it a go. This would look great as an addition to a mixed media collage don't you think? Just another art project!

    I think if you ironed interfacing onto the back of the linen it wouldn't pucker. This is what people do before appliquing. I'm going to try sketching a design on the back pocket of a denim skirt I'm currently cutting out. Fingers crossed!

  2. great looking stitching - this is so much fun isn't it!
    thanks for your lovely comment. it's nice to meet you :)

  3. I know that I've tried to describe to you the machine embroidered 'pictures' of the Flinders Ranges that I saw at the Wangaratta Craft Festival years ago, and what you have done would also have been what that artist did. She also used paint, and some of her work, like tree trunks were padded with cotton wool before being embroidered to create a 3D effect.

    Keep at it dear.....the sky's the limit. What you have already done looks great.