Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Op Shop find for $3.00 - wash, remove tag (Miller's isn't my choice of shop - sorry Mum!), cut, take in at sides, add some lace and binding, some lace with elastic at wrists....
.......i am pretty happy with this.....I do love blue...oh and flowers


  1. Very clever and smart.

    I don't mind if you don't like Millers....I just enjoy having a shop that doesn't expect everyone to be size 4.1, with clothes in garish colours, often just thrown together, a skyhigh price tag, and assistants who persist in calling everyone a 'guy'. Yes, I know they're not all like that....it just seems that way so often.

  2. You are so clever!!
    PS So glad we're connecting again! I've studied your bags to get the method right but can't execute them with your flawless skill. Also why no bags on your etsy site? (Hi to your mum from me).

  3. Millers Op shop finds! You go girl! How very, very brave. Must say though, you did pull it off. What a groovy cardy. Might need to give this technique a go myself some time.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts Michelle. I love cardis and this is a great transformation.