Friday, May 14, 2010

pouches and boxers

Some purses/pouches sewn and in the shop (yes I too joined the Etsy bandwagon).

We are currently going through a program to help the youngest member of the house overcome Nocturnal Enuresis  - boxer shorts have been recommended and so I thought I would sew some. I haven't sewn much for Luca - in fact the last thing I sewed for him could have been some winter fleecy PJ's quite a few years ago that I painted across the front
"Warning - Crappy Sleeper!" 

 Such a caring mother I am!


  1. They are lovely. Was it a good excuse to go and buy more material? Can't wait to check out your material shops.

  2. Your purses are v. cute.

    I'm wondering why wearing boxers would make any difference...

  3. Cute pouches. Love the top one. Good luck with the boxers!

  4. Stomper - Boxers allow the wee to get straight to the mat which then lets off a really loud bell!!! So far things are working well!!!

    Alice - no all fabric from the stash!!!