Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hand or Machine?

Now while this was fun to sit with my sister and cousin and quilt and chat.........
.......a quick lesson by my sister in the art of machine quilting (this is mine not hers - she is far better!)
......a continued obsession with circles.....
......some more excitable attempts and trials at machine quilting....not easy AT ALL!!!!
........and hey very random quilted quilt that will be snuggled under while watching MasterChef!!!


  1. It looks great. The thought of turning circles with a sewing machine fills me with dread!

  2. Not only will it keep you snuggly and warm but also remind you of the great weekend spent with Tanya and Narelle.

    I'm sure Tanya told you to be patient while learning to machine quilt......but I guess she just forgot who she was talking sister who wants everything done NOW!!!

    Great work though and lovely to know that it was a joint effort, aided by lots of 'girl talk' no doubt.

  3. I really like machine drawing - haven't given it a go yet but I did come across this post a while back that was quite inspiration. I've just got to whip up a groovy skirt to try it out on!