Monday, November 8, 2010

zippers galore

 Like I needed more zips!! But how could I resist at 10 cents each! So I bought 60! And asked the lady if she wanted to count them and she said "I trust you" - really I had 85 and only paid for 60! Of course NOT - this is honest Michelle here - I only had 60. Sometimes I wish I was like others and happy to really rip other people off!!!
The bundle of lace I bought the other week - not something I would normally buy but a bag full for $5.00 was too good to refuse!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Haven't seen you around in a while. Thanks for the comment about y new top. Noticed you'd had a bit of a blogging break since your twin needle fun. Just looked over your more recent blog posts. Your refashioned shirts look fabulous. So much fun.

  2. you're back blogging! thankyou for vissiting. man, as ingeneous as zippers are, they are bloody expensive, so good on you for snapping up a bargain.
    i can see heaps of little bags from this collection of zippers- what were your plans with them?
    love your re-fashioned clothes bellow. Particularly the shirt turned into a cardi- so very tricky!!