Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Refashioning

 $2:00 Op Shop Skirt
 Sew on a gorgeous blue doily!

 Cheap Tank Top - add a bit of Flea Market Polyester Lace!!
 Another $2:00 Shirt - Add some green Geckos and some top stitching and some lace edging!! Just in case the person who threw the shirt out said to you one day (had you not refashioned it) - "I used to have a shirt just like that but i gave it to a charity shop!"
 You know those bloody oil stains that ruin your clothes and there is only so many gardening clothes you can have!!
 Now a top that can be worn out of the house!!
 I forgot to take a before shot. Picture a striped top with long sleeves - nothing special!! Now a bit special!!
 Another $2:00 top!
 Hacked a bit!!
 Add some cheap green lace!!
And a tie!!


  1. Wow! I love what you are doing. that skirt is awesome.How creative. And yes, you can only have so many garding/house cleaning t shirts...

  2. I should send all my clothes to you for a re-fashion!... and hope that you send them back. (minus the 4 articles of clothes that currently actually FIT me)!