Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is this all it takes????

Oh my goodness life has changed and all because of one of these little things!!!
Sewing stretchy fabric has been made more puckering and awful stretched hems.....or no hems as in some of my previous projects!!!

So neat!!! .....and I don't really do neat!!
Above is a top for Zoe. Fabric was from a flea market where the woman selling her fabric was yelling "Cheap fabric, cheap fabric - have to sell it to save the marriage!!" - Of course I bought quite a bit from her.....I could very well be yelling the same in a few years!!

A bit of a cowl neck t-shirt for me.
Another top for me - made from remnant bin fabric for $2.00.
I get so much joy from remnant bin creations!!


  1. that is v neat! great shirts. i'm so nervous about sewing stretch. do you have an overlocker too? hehe- smart woman yelling that- something we can all relate to at some time or other :)

  2. Yes - i do have an overlocker but it is still waiting for me to take it to one of those "getting to know your overlocker" classes - so it is not yet used (by me anyway!)

  3. So t his is a double needle? My new sewing machine mentions them but I haven't investigated as yet. Might be worth doing after seeing your excellent neatness, most impressive!

  4. Fabulous shirts - they look great. Your stitching looks terrific. My mum gave me my first lesson in twin needle sewing a few weeks ago five minutes before she had to zip off to the airport. Let's hope I remember what she said. I too desperately need to do a 'get to know your overlocker' class too. Doubt they offer them in Cairns though. I assume all this sewing productivity means your teaching contract has ended and you can now exhale! I should be planning lessons for my year 2 class (I only teach 1 day per week) ready for tomorrow but am reading blogs instead - so much more fun!

  5. Yes - Stomper a double needle indeed! It is so easy! You actually sew on the top side so you can't see what is underneath and you just hope (or have ironed and pinned) the hem is sewn down! You do need two spools of thread on the top. have fun.

    Bernice - teaching contract did finish but I have another 2 week one that starts next week.

  6. You've just reminded me how I so often hemmed stretch fabric with the twin needle, sometimes using different colours for decoration. Twin needle sewing was also one of my favourite (and easiest) methods of putting a little decoration on collars, cuffs, etc. of plain woven fabric.

  7. You are so clever! I thought those pins were something to tie my birds nest hair back with - now that WOULD really change my life! PS thanks for comment on my blog. Virus has not yet got memo but does seem a little threatened by the spring sunshine :)