Monday, August 23, 2010

Stashing a stash

Back in July I flew to Townsville to see my dear sister and her lovely family. I only went for 2 nights so only took a carry on bag which still seemed quite full of my clothes.

As she was getting ready to move to China she was destashing her fabric stash. What joy!!! I didn't want to bring another bag home and have to pay for luggage so I squished, squashed and crammed lots of new to me fabric into the little bag!! I did buy a few pieces at this most gorgeous shop too.
I think there is nothing nicer than looking at other fabric stashes.
a) it means you are not alone in your obsession
b) I love hearing about where the pieces come from and what they were 'going' to be used for
c) I love the visual and tactile sensation of being surrounded with fabric

I still remember my Mum and two of her sisters laughing and chatting while going through my Mum's fabric stash on many an occasion. I think they all think of those times with fondness.

So these fabrics are now neatly folded members of my own fabric stash. Some of them might be passed on to someone else one day when I have a 'destashing' day.


  1. We do have very fond memories Michelle - always lots of laughs too. Fabric collection really is a hobby with many parts to it - the initial choosing, stashing and eventual creating - but if that doesn't happen - then the laughs and conversation they create especially as they age in style. Great that you enjoy it all too. Rita xx

  2. Hi stranger! Thanks for your comment. I have been out of blogworld for a while with illness but am trying to recconnect with my life a bit more now regardless! Boy, I want that orange skirt with a doily real bad. Are you going to etsy it? PS can you please put a blog followers widget up so I can follow and then be kept posted on your new posts????
    Lots of love xxx

  3. it's a pretty lucky thing to inherit bits of a stash. i loove that alexander henry with fruit on it. i really wanted to buy it before i left, but just lacking the excellent cramming skills you have i think.

  4. I was thinking about those times, especially with Rita, as I was reading your blog and before I saw that you had also mentioned it. Of course, the same fabrics were hauled out each year because they never got used, but I guess that's the purpose of a stash after

    I visited a friend last week who has just made a quilt for the spare bed from scraps of many years, all cut into 5inch squares. Kay had a story to relate for each piece....a great idea - hint, hint. It looked fantastic, too.