Monday, March 29, 2010

Screen Printing

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending one of Thea's (from Thea & Sami  hand printed fabrics) screen printing classes.  I have always wanted to learn this and when my sister gave me a screen printing kit for my birthday and I couldn't make sense of the instructions (not enough pictures!) - this was perfect. A wonderful course which was very hands on and lots of expert knowledge was recieved. Thanks Thea.
Draw a sketch. Cut it out.
Print it on fabric.
Try a positive print.
Screen print where you find space.
This was actually copied from a paperclip!
Now appliqued onto a shoe bag....what else!!
The red print sewn onto a bag with red stiching.

The orange print sewn onto a pouch.

....I am feeling very inspired.....


  1. I fear that if we stay still long enough we may well get screen printed too.....could be an improvement, of course.

    Well done, Shelle - glad you enjoyed the course so much and looking forward to seeing lots more creativity.

  2. Very creative. I don't seem to find time to be creative these days so I'' enjoy yours.

  3. Wow, I love your screen printing! ANd your new blog, what a good idea.