Thursday, April 7, 2011

......after a long break..

 I am around! Just busy and vowing to spend the holidays working out a much better home/work/life/family balance!!!!!
I have added to my refashioned wardrobe. Another Op Shop skirt - long and boring.
Shortened and jazzed up with these gorgeous hand dyed doilies bought from this clever lady!! 
I love this skirt!!


  1. Skirt looks great, especially with Kali's little treats. Between the two of you, you could have a real I'm constantly amazed at the things Kali creates, especially as she always said she couldn't sew!!!

  2. Michelle, I love your doily skirts!!! Beyond excited about getting the orange one into my grubby little hands for the mere cost of a card.
    email me on and I'll send you j.pegs of cards that I have left (have not made any for quite a while which is sad as it is one of my most favourite things......)
    xxxxx jo