Saturday, January 8, 2011

Send in the troops!!!

 Over the last two days it has become very much apparent to me that I have a serious problem with fabric!!! Many people do have a fabric addiction - and I am the first to admit that I just adore fabric - but when all your fabric is brought out of the tubs and cupboards and you can see how much there really is - it is very overwhelming!!!  And very confronting when you look at the monetary value just sitting in a plastic tub - in the garage!!!!! Some pieces sitting in plastic tubs for over 12 years!!!!! Still I could tell you where and when I was in my life when I purchased each piece of fabric. I could actually look at my fabric as being souvenir purchases as each really can evoke a memory of time and place. 

Still they were not being appreciated in plastic tubs in a stuffy garage!!

Bring in Aunty Rita!!!!!  She is the first to admit that she loves a challenge that involves sorting and tidying and even more so when it involves fabric.  So with a trestle table set up in the garage each plastic tub was emptied and sorted. Fabrics were sent inside to increase their chances of being used by being closer to scissors and a sewing machine. Other fabrics were sorted into types and two huge tubs were designated as 'school fabric' - either I or my kids can take them to school to use. 

Inside the fabrics were sorted into prints, plains and patchwork and those for quilts were sorted into colours and all very neatly folded. 

So with fabric sorted there was more incentive to actually sew!

Bring in Aunty Annette!!! A whiz with patterns, wedding dresses - in fact all aspects of sewing!! Currently travelling in a caravan around Australia she manages to sew amazing creations from a very tiny space.  

Here they both are sewing garments from fabric I had for ages!!

 A nightiie for me that was expertly drafted from an existing one. 
I like to call this the "Dead Sexy Version!!"  Doesn't need as much ironing as my other one!!!! (Very in joke here that had my Aunties laughing quite a lot!!)

Here is a tunic dress/top expertly sewn and fitted by my clever Aunts - made from patchwork fabric.

Oh and let us not forget about the overlocker that I purchased some three years ago and got it going once but not very well o I put it back in the cupboard! Bring in Aunty Rita and her skills for reading the user manual and getting the overlocker to sew and sew beautifully!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Watch this space!!! The overlocker works and there is fabric everywhere!!! I suddenly feel the urge to sew!!


  1. Wow - There is Feng Shui written all over this post! Can you please send Auntie Rita down to me when you have finnished with her? And how is she with sorting out years of photos?

    You really do come from a long line of sewing women don't you? I guess they've all made some Dead Sexy nighties in their time.....

  2. Fabric collection is obviously an inherited trait in our family. Rita often speaks of the hilarious afternoons she and I have spent sitting on the bedroom floor sorting my fabrics. Of course, she'd come back the next year and re-sort the same fabrics again - and we'd laugh just as much as the previous year. It's just as well you have some holidays left now that you have an overlocker and lots of fabric crying out to be dealt with.

  3. Enjoying every second of our 'sorting & sewing' crusade Shelly - and so pleased we saw some creations completed too. Picked up some interesting tips from you re altering garments to give them your own 'touch'. Best get back to my UFO's and take them to completion! Yes, Frances I have the happiest memories of our 'fabric laughs' - obviously doesn't take much to amuse us! Rita xx

  4. Ah yes the stashing of fabric is a family addiction, but I love all your neatly folded and colour co-ordinated fabric. What a fun afternoon sewing that dead sexy nightie !!!Now down to the serious stuff of finishing off a wedding dress for my future daughter-in-law - any helpers ??? Auntie Annette

  5. Well with all this wet weather what else is there to do but sort fabric and sew. Get into it girl! You have gems as aunties. Hang on to them. Are they any good at sorting out a stamp collection? If so send them over here.