Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orange you wonderful!

In this household we LOVE orange!!!
There has been a bit of Refashioning happening around here! A trip to the Op shop the other day was successful with some great finds in the $2.00 bin. Even the fabric used in the refashioning was Op Shop finds!

This skirt was too tight at the top - so I cut off what was too tight and added a ribbed band. The skirt looks better shorter on me anyway!

This shirt was a little too short on me to feel comfortable so I sewed up the side splits and added an orange band and made a flower brooch. Not bad for less than $2.50
This skirt was also $2.00 and it wasn't until it went through the wash did I read the washing instructions and it said Dry Clean only and no iron. Sorry but I am not sending a $2.00 skirt to the dry cleaners - besides it came out fine and a really hot iron got rid of the wrinkles...."do not iron" my ass!!! The doily was a previous Op shop find for 50 cents.

The orange theme has continued through the house with my husband wanting orange for his office. There was enough paint left that the main bathrrom is also orange!!!

....and this arrived in the post this morning. A gift to myself for the 3 weeks fulltime work I will be doing after the holidays!


  1. I love the bands even though you added them for practical reasons, both garments look much fresher with them. Funny that you have blogged about orange because I have just taken heaps of orange pics around here for a new blog post soon. Keep posted.

  2. Wow, a whole chunk of new wardrobe for under $10, I am very impressed with your refashioning skills.

  3. I want that orange skirt. I love it. I covet it. It also looks much to small for me.

  4. I want that orange purse! Where did you get it and do they ship over here too? I love your ther refashion items, you are so clever. We miss you!

  5. the revamps look fantastic. so simple but look brilliant.